Paradise for farmers. Moldexpo hosts Moldagroteh exhibition

How much does a tractor cost

Moldagroteh exhibition takes place these days in Chisinau. Over 150 companies from nine countries exhibit tractors, garden utensils, plants and cuttings.

This tractor was made in Italy. Its interior is hermetic, it protects the farmers from toxic substances. It is used for the small trees and it costs 38 thousand EURO.

"The cabin is places low, which provides the access to the small trees. It has a Japanese motor worth 89 horsepower.

People are impressed by the technique they see here.

"A small tractor is better. It is easier to handle it."

The visitors say that the tractors are worth the money.

"-I found everything I need. The tractors are expensive, but of a good quality."

"I came here to buy technique for the garden."

A couple of agricultural transport companies also came at the exhibition.

"Our company wants to transport agricultural technique. Also, it offers us the possibility to meet new customers. We want to provide our customers the best conditions."

People were also interested in buying decorative plants and cuttings.

"Look what a wonderful apple tree. We will plant it as soon as we're getting home."

Moldagroteh exhibition will last until March 16.

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