Paint and Toys sold in Central Market poses a threat to public health

Moldova's National Public Health Center warns that toys and paint sold in Central Market are endangering our lives. The announcement came as a result of inspections that showed that some vendors lack origin labeling and sell goods containing toxic chemicals, especially lead.

"The documents could be in the folder, because they always comes as requested by standards. For all I know maybe they were not attached" vendor Maria Ursachi said.

Most of the times, labels, written in Romanian language, possess no information regarding the chemical composition of the goods.

"Unfortunately, this toy doesn't have such data. The importer had to first of all pass Republic of Moldova's sanitary inspection and receive proper documentation" doctor from Moldova's National Public Health Center, Nina Colța declared.

The toys were sent for a chemical expertise and if found unfit will be taken off the market.

"If even a small amount of lead will be found, they toys will be off the market and forbidden, while a sanitary document drawn" director of Public Health Center of Chisinau, Luminița Suveică announced.

Consumers claim that toys sold in Central Market have a specific odor and are dangerous for children's health. 

"It contains mane chemical elements, even the smell points our that it is poisonous. You grab a toy, sniff it and a strong smell will hit you. It's very dangerous."

"Toys must be only bought from authorized places where you can see what you are purchasing. There is no way for a child to know what he is playing with, what his parents are giving him."

Most paint buckets sold in the Central Market are imported from Ukraine and Poland. Luckily importers have made a warning label there, informing customers that the product contains lead and its effects on the human body. Local manufacturers, unfortunately, do not yet make such information available.

"Companies that import pain in Moldova make sure to have all the necessary documents and make sure the product doesn't contain toxic substances or heavy metals, such as lead. We will recommend local manufacturers to also include such information on the package" Hygiene doctor from National Public Health Center, Ion Tulgara said.

Sellers claim that they posses all necessary documents proving that the paint is not harmful. 

"When the owner brings them, he personally makes sure they don't contain lead. If they had lead, the paint possesses a strong odor and nobody buys it." 

Citizens claim that they never take into consideration the chemical composition of the pain when buying it.

"-Do you check the chemical composition of the paint? -No!"

"I never gave it much thought."

Experts from National Public Health Center have preformed inspections within the International lead poisoning prevention week. According to the doctors, in the past 4 years there were no cases of lead poisoning in Republic of Moldova.

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