Paid parking places file: Chisinau City Hall and EME Parkleitsystems deal was declared illegal

The dead of the Chisinau City Hall and EME Parkleitsystems about the paid parking places is illegal, declared the attorneys of Court of Appeal, writes

The complaint of the former mayor, Dorin Chirtoaca and the representatives of EME Parkleitsystems was rejected as being unfounded.

According to the City Hall socialist adviser, according to the fraudulent scheme, under the specified contract, city residents would have to pay parking in the city. The contract provided for the construction of 25,000 parking spaces, including the streets. 13% of the parking payments - were to be personally received by Dorin Chirtoaca and another 13% by his colleague, Igor Gamreţchi.

"One of the scheme's authors, like his colleague, Nistor Grozavu, Gamretchi recognized his guilt. As a result of this, both were released. Gamretchi dismissed and Grozavu continues to work'', mentioned Alexandr Odintov.


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