Overcrowded prisons: Among the detained are policemen, doctors, customs officers, and ministers

Most prisons in Moldova became overcrowded. The number of persons detained or arrested rose with over 10%.

The building of preventive detention of National Anti-corruption Center is also overcrowded, where during the year were registered situations in which several days or even months weren't any free places.

Recently, the CNA prison started to get overcrowded after several ample operations of combating corruption in the customs and judicial system. Similar situations were registered during the year.

"It was needed to ask for help of the colleagues from police and prison no.13. There was transferred a big number of detained and arrested persons. Now we have 23 persons in the CNA prison, one is at Police Department, and over 30 in Prison no.13" declared CNA spokesperson, Angela Starinschi.

During the year, in the CNA prison got 210 persons, with 40 more than in 2015. Among them were policemen, doctors, customs officers, and even ministers.

The number of persons kept in the prison of the Chisinau Police also went up. In 2016, were sent there over 3,400 persons, with approximately 500 more than in 2015.

"This demonstrates the fact that more and more persons are detained and suspected of felonies. Thus, we are talking about the activities started by policemen, and the final result is the persons detained and brought here" said the spokesperson of Chisinau Police, Adrian Jovmir.

The building, which was renovated in 2012, has 22 cells in which may be kept 66 persons. The rooms are equipped with bunk beds, tables, chairs, washstands and sanitary groups.

"Here are kept persons suspected of felonies for a period of 72 hours" said Jovmir.

The detained persons are fed three times a day and can take a walk for one hour utmost in a specially equipped courtyard. 

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