Over one thousand households from Criuleni benefit of sewerage and aqueduct

Over one thousand households from Magdacesti village, Criuleni district have been connected to sewerage and aqueduct within an infrastructure project worth 33 million lei.

"This event is about the 1000 households connected to sewerage and aqueduct", declared Pavel Filip.

The prime minister mentioned that the infrastructure is the basis of the country's development, this is the main target of the Government. 

"During these three years, we connected 106 thousand households to drinking water. In the third year, we connected 100 thousand families. If this project was started when our country gained its independence, then each citizen would have had drinking water by now", said the prime minister.

Within the project, 3 kilometers of aqueduct were built in Magdacesti, but also wastewater treatment plant. The project was funded by the National Ecologic Fund, they allocated over 28 million lei and the locality allocated 4,6 million lei.

Pavel Filip said that the Government works to solve infrastructure problems, among which the waste issue and the repair of the roads. The prime minister visited a road from Magdacesti that was repaired. This year, other 500 meters will be repaired.

The previous year, a kindergarten, a lyceum and the church from the village were repaired.

The works were made on a 800 meters distance and costed 1,4 million lei. 

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