Over 900 kilograms of heroin was confiscated in the Western Indian Ocean

The Australian Navy has helped seize more than 900 kilograms of heroin in the Western Indian Ocean, worth more than $270 million, wrote dailymail.co.uk.

HMAS Warramunga intercepted a boat carrying the drugs on Wednesday after the vessel was spotted by a Royal New Zealand Air Force aircraft.

The Warramunga has seized and intercepted six vessels carrying drugs since November, according to Rear Admiral Jaimie Hatcher.

The Air Force P-3K2 aircraft detected a suspicious vessel on January 23 and crew from Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Warramunga boarded the boat January 24, ABC News reports. 

Commander of Australian Defence Force personnel in the Middle East, Rear Admiral Jaimie Hatcher, RAN, said the latest sting drew attention to the importance of Australia and New Zealand in maintaining maritime security. 

'Warramunga has now interdicted six vessels carrying illegal narcotics since November,' Rear Admiral Hatcher said.

'This operation highlights the important role played by partner nations, as part of the Combined Maritime Forces, in increasing maritime security in the Middle East and Western Indian Ocean.'

In the past eight weeks, Warramunga's crew has been involved in the seizure of more than 11.5 tonnes of hashish and over one tonne of heroin, valued in excess of $900 million. 

The illegal drugs were transferred to Warramunga for disposal at sea. 

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