Over 900 carabinieri participated ample military exercise in Chisinau (video)

Violent protest this morning in the Poşta Veche district of the Râşcani sector of Chisinau.

The Department of Special Carabinieri, had to hold over 200 aggressive individuals who were armed with stones and sharp objects.

Fortunately, we are talking about a military exercise of several public order disruptions. Carabinieri had to annihilate dangerous criminals and demonstrate fighting abilities.

At seven o'clock, more than 900 Carabinieri started marching on the streets of the capital. They said they had been intensely prepared for the exercise to demonstrate their practical skills and abilities.

"It was really interesting to me. "

"Nothing is complicated to cope with everything."

Females also work in Special carabiniers. Although the profession involves heavy assignments, Ludmila Scripnic says she manages to cope with all the challenges.

"I strive to perform physical exercise as much as I can, in fact, I am a mother of two children already, "said the lieutenant of the special Carabinieri troops, Ludmila Scripnic.

Along with the carabinieri, Ion Ţurcan also took part in the exercise and the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs.

"The carabineer troop will become a subdivision, an important pillar of the Interior Ministry. Who will overtake activities of police to maintain and restore public order. "

Carabinieri troops participate in such training to deal with potential dangerous offenders, but also to be trained in extremely difficult situations.

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