Over 8000 vacancies available for job-seekers in Moldova, study

Over 8000 jobs are available on the Moldovan labor market in Moldova. According to data published by the National Agency for Employment, 80% of them are unskilled jobs, in areas: textile, clothing, transport and telecommunications, industrial enterprises.

Most jobs (over 3000)  are available in Chisinau. Almost 1500 applicable jobs can be found in Balti; nearly 500 jobs in Ungheni; over 300 jobs in Cahul.

The most requested are unskilled workers. In the textile and clothing industry, over 2200 craftsmen are demanded. 

600 employees in the transport and telecommunications fields and 500 employees in industrial enterprises are being sought. 

There are also over 500 job vacancies for operators and machinists.

About 1600 jobs are available for people with higher and specialized education. Nearly 200 employees are needed in the police and in the education field. There are 160 job vacancies in engineering.


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