Over 71,000 smuggled cigarettes SEIZED by Customs officers

Over the last 48 hours, employees of the Customs Service have stopped seven attempts of illegal removal from the country of smuggled tobacco. 

It is worth mentioning that four of the arrests were made possible by the involvement of Customs Dog patrupezilor Center.

The first two cases were reported on February 22nd, by the Sculeni customs officers, who traced 6,740 undeclared cigarettes of various brands.

A few hours later, Leuseni customs officers have discovered 24,780 cigarettes in parcels en rout to Italy. 

Other 6,000 undeclared cigarettes were discovered by Leuseni customs officials on February 24th. Corridor leader.

The same number of cigarettes was seized by officers of the Cahul customs office, hidden in the tank of a car driven by a 34-year-old Moldovan citizen.  

Under the procedure, the goods were sent to confiscation subdivisions of the Customs Service. However, those involved risk fines totaling 21,000 lei.
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