Over 7000 ambulance requests registered in three-day holiday

The Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Assistance (AMUService received 7,146 requests on January 6-8. 

2,487 patients including 607 children were transported to medical institutions in Moldova. 

During this period, AMU team provided the first aid to 1,446 people with cardiovascular emergencies, including 17 patients with acute coronary syndrome.

Neurological emergencies accounted for 995 cases, of which 89 cerebrovascular accidents .

AMU teams served 763 requests due to acute viral respiratory infections. 195 patients including 154 children were transported to the emergency departments of the hospital institutions. 

There were 14 road accidents in the last 72 hours. The emergency teams provided the first aid to 16 patients. Subsequently, 14 people were transported to the hospital.



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