Over 70 families to benefit social apartments in Rezina (PHOTOREPORT)

The housing repair works in Rezina, which will benefit over 70 families are about to be finalized. 

Vasile Bîtcă together with Rezina district chairman, Eleonora Graur, verified the repair works today. 

Eleonora Graur claims that already 200 people have applied for a free apartment, but only 72 families will benefit from these facilities.

"There are different categories of young specialists, family with children with disabilities, even people with disabilities, families with many children," said Eleonora Graur, president of Rezina rayon.

Rezina residents say new homes will be welcomed for poor families in the city.

The total value of the project exceeds two million euros, 35 per cent of which is provided as a loan by the Council of Europe Development Bank and the rest has been allocated from the district's budget.


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