Over 50 000 Moldovans that suffer from diabetes received free glucometers

Over 51 000 Moldovans who suffer from diabetes have received free glucometers. The devices arrived to  beneficiaries who live in the North and Southern part of the country. During the next month, 49 000 more persons from other 7 districts will receive free glucometers. The distribution campaign will last until June.

"-Hello, Mrs. Claudia, Mr. Gheorghe, we brought you glucometers to measure the blood glucose. -Thank you so much".

The beneficiaries say that the devices replace them the doctor help.

"I must go to the doctor at least once a week, but how I can't do it. I don't have any transport for disabled ones. I can go myself, but is very tiring".

"I will learn how to use it".

The beneficiaries are trained by the family doctors to use those devices.

"These are the tests and needles that you need to open and that device is the one meant to sting yourself. A drop of blood is enough. "Your glycemia is about 9 mmol/l. It's quite big, Mr. Gheorghe".

"For the people with a light form of the disease it's enough to measure the glucose once a month, those with a moderate form once in two weeks, but those with a severe one, daily", mentioned Valentina Oanta, family's medical assistant.

"Even several times a day it is necessary to check the glucose concentration, and is a very expensive operation, 50 tests reach 450 MDL".

The glucometer devices are distributed by Moldova Post Office.
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