Over 5 000 cigarette packs from Moldova were confiscated at Albiţa Customs (Photo)

Over 5 000 cigarette packs, worth around 24 830 lei, were discovered at Albiţa Customs. The cigarettes were supposed to reach Bulgaria's black market.

A Romanian citizen, driving a Man truck, registered in Republic of Moldova attempted to initially take them to Romania. The items were hidden in the vehicle's fuel tank.

Despite declaring at the borders that the truck did not contain any good and his intention to go from Republic of Moldova to Bulgaria, officers have controlled the vehicle and person, managing to discover 107 690 cigarettes (5 398 packs), of various brands from Republic of Moldova.

According to the law, the man received a 10 000 lei fine and the truck, worth 50 600 lei, was confiscated. 

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