Over 450 nurses talked about the challenges of their job within a meeting in Falesti

The lack of young specialists and hard work are just some of the problems faced by nurses in our country. The challenges, as well as the successes of the medical sector, have been addressed within the National Conference of Nursing. This year, the event was organized in Falesti.

Valeria Burghila is a nurse at the Cancer Institute in Chisinau. Although it is difficult, the young woman says she loves her job.

"I like it very much. Working with patients and it is very important that you like this profession. Even if it's hard to smile to behave well with the patient", Valeria Burghila said.

Even if there is a better place, nurses say things are going in the right direction: "The weights over the years have just seen how they have gone and gone in the past. We have came to a very good level the years I started working. "

However, he would like higher salaries: "Salary is always small, much larger, much bigger, that's hard work."

The event, which gathered more than 450 nurses from all over the country, was organized by the Nursing Association of Moldova.

"We want to get them out of the shadows and bring them to the discussion table so that they can express themselves, wish to be heard, participate in the decision-making process for the development of national, strategic policies", said Elena Stempovscaia, president of the Association of Nursing in the Republic of Moldova.

The event was also attended by the president of the National Social Insurance House, Valentina Buliga, who talked about some solutions for the recovery of the situation in this field.

"Our duty of all authorities is to increase the quality of their work, to increase their motivation for the work they carry out. The increase in salaries by about 40 percent, working conditions in hospitals, health centers, new services is still too little, but the rum chosen, the actions we are already making have changed this situation in recent years", Valentina Buliga pointed out.

The president of Falesti district says there are currently more than 40 vacancies for doctors and nurses in the locality.

"In Falesti district we have problems with the cadres, many young cadres go abroad, we hope to create conditions in the future, solve them by solving social housing and attract medical workers including doctors in Falesti rayon", said Viorel Babii , president of Falesti district.

The event was organized in the context of the World Medical Assistant Day, celebrated on May 12th. There are over 20,000 nurses in Moldova.


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