Over 292 foreign students took Hippocratic oath at Nicolae Testemitanu university

292 foreign students of Nicolae Testemitanu University received their doctor dimploma. The young took the Hipporcate oath in English.

"I swear! I swear! I swear!".

Ali is a student from the US who came in Moldova six years ago to follow his dream.

"I am thankful for the knowledge I gained here. The Medicine University gave me a lot. But, my house, my heart and my family are in the US, this is why I will return", said Ali Amawi, alumni of USMF Nicolae Testemitanu. 

Daniela Lozan is lives in Portugal, but she preferred to study in her native country. In a month, she will go to the US to work as a surgeon in a local hospital.

"I was far away from my parents. It was hard, but, six years passed by so fast. Our doctors are brilliant, they teach us a lot of things. They are patient, I will miss them", said Daniela Lozan, graduate of Nicolae Testemitanu university.

The chiefs of the university think that in the following years there will be more students from India.

"We managed to to a great move to this country with a huge population". said Mihail Gavriliuc, deputy dean of USMF Nicolae Testemitanu.

"The number of students had raised. This means that the quality of studies in our country are on a high level", said Boris Gilca, state general secretary of the Health Ministry.

The tax for a year at the university is approximately four thousand Euro.


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