Over 200 medical students received their graduation diplomas

Over 200 young specialists were sent to work in all districts and localities in which there are no doctors. For the first time, the ceremony of giving the specialist physician diploma was organized by the Ministry of Health.

At the event were also present the administration of the Ministry of Health, of USMF “Nicolae Testemitanu”, of public medical institutions and of public local authorities.

The Minister of Health, Ruxanda Glavan, has congratulated the young specialists with the fact that they are already specialized doctors and has mentioned all the efforts given, together with the representatives of the University and Regional Councils, in order to come with attractive work proposals for the students.

“During the last three months I have discussed with public local authorities in order to ensure you specific facilities. Most of you have been students and residents based on scholarships, and this means that the support for the professors and the clinical basis was possible thanks to the taxes paid by all Moldovan citizens. Now you have to work based on the duty you have for this country” declared Ruxanda Glavan, Minister of Health.

In the next two days, other 400 residents from 34 departments will receive their diploma and certificate of distribution for work. 

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