Over 20 countries from Eastern Europe and Central Asia gather forces to develop public services

Up to 200 specialists of the public service from 20 countries from the Eastern Europe and Central Asia discus new implication options of the citizens in the control of the public service.

''In 2016, the Government of Republic of Moldova adopted the strategy according to the Public Administration Reform and the National Plan of the Actions that includes the modernization of the public services. In the Government's vision, those need to be administrated by the citizens, to make them accessible, simple and understandable'', said Lilia Palii, the general secretary of the Republic of Moldova's Government.

The representatives of the non-governmental organizations, civil society experts and the representatives of the academic surrounding presented new models of efficient fulfilling the public services. Those include social innovations of the public services fulfilling. Republic of Moldova pledges for the raise of the public services efficiency, the accessibility of them and for minimizing the risk of corruption. Moreover, the best practices of the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Finland inspires Moldova to use the experiments as a part of the politics elaboration process and the development of the Government's capacity for the public services.

''The second year of implementing the Global Objectives speak about the bright future after their implementation. The social innovations, especially the Laboratories and the Coordination Units have an important role in this effort, because those can guarantee new solution for the 2030 Agenda. Those are good platforms to involve citizens in the politics elaboration and to make the Governs more transparent and responsible. This is what we talk about within the Regional Forum for Innovations in the Government, with the participants of over 20 countries'', declared Rastislav Vrbensky, the deputy director of the PNUD for Europe and Central Asia.

Republic of Moldova has experience at the development in the innovations, the Laboratory of Social Innovations from Moldova- a common project of the Program of United Nations for Development  and the State Office being the first who put into practice the design for people, the utilization of the alternative resources and general information about the citizens.

At the same time, the citizens would be able to make suggestions on a platform dedicated to the development of public services. Also, there are tested ways of the census, based on collecting the information according to the electric energy consume. There was created a web platform, Imipasa.md, that permits people to report the irregularities.

In the whole region, the citizens have big expectations of public politics elaboration. With all these, there are obstacles in the peer access of women and men in the Government. 

The forum that takes place between November 14 and 16 will spread new ideas about cooperation and develop the e-government.


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