Over 2 million cigarettes were found hidden in sugar at Sculeni Customs

Customs officers and Border guards from Sculeni Customs have managed to catch 2 citizens of Romania who wished to pass through Republic of Moldova's border with 200 boxes containing 500 cigarettes packs each, amounting to 2 million cigarette packs. The goods were destined to Spain, their worth being estimated of 1 million lei.

According to prosecutor Victor Cazacu, if the goods passed the borders of Moldova and sold in Spain or other European states, the suspects would gain a revenue of 120 000 Euro, or 2 million lei.

Therefore, at the beginning of March, three citizens of Spain have arrived to Republic of Moldova with a 75-year-old person, where they met with two Romanians, who became the truck drivers. In the investigation is also mentioned a woman from Moldova.

It was established that the suspects have made a deal: the Spanish citizens having purchased all the cigarettes in Republic of Moldova, which were later hidden in special installed places filled with sugar. 

"The smuggle took place under the cover of sugar export from a local manufacturer to a private company from Spain. The confiscated cigarettes are not from Republic of Moldova, packs of New York 500 brand not being sold in Moldova, but being specific to Spain" INI chief, Alexei Bacos said.

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