Over 180 regions from Moldova celebrated City Day

Over 180 regions from Moldova celebrated City day. Residents from Grozești, Nisporeni have gathered to dance in the village, after having celebrated first at their homes, with their families.

People were treated with grilled sausages.

Those from Grozeşti were more than happy to have had the chance to relax and meet with their friends and family.

"We love it. May God bless us with long lives and more of such holidays. We can relax after having worked hard during the summer."

"During Grozești City Day, we can meet up with our families, our children return home."

"We spend the day with our family. It is, after all a family holiday."

Nisporeni town was not left behind. The City Hall there organized a grand concert.

"We, as local public administration wish to make people enjoy this holiday" Nisporeni Mayor, Grigorii Robu declared.

Hundreds of people gathered in the Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfânt Square to celebrate.

"May we all stay healthy and the world be peaceful and prosperous."

"People are happy and relaxed. It is a beautiful holiday."

The evening's star guest, Romanian singer,  Irina Loghin pleasantly surprised the citizens.

"Here in Basarabia people are completely different and everyone say so. Many of my colleagues claim that here people know to truly appreciate the culture, the music" singer Irina Loghin said.

The stage was also taken by Geta Burlacu, Vitalie Dani, Mihai Ciobanu and other local entertainers.

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