Over 1500 soldiers of Russian troops to guard ammunition storage in Cobasna

There is no exact data regarding the Russian troops located in the eastern side Moldova.  However the press has written multiple times regarding the amenity of the troops, which are illegally stationed in the separatist region. We are talking about the last remnant of the 14th Army, left in the Republic of Moldova to guard the storage in Cobasna.

The Russian military troops located in the eastern part of our country consists of approximately 1.500 soldiers. They are placed there in order to guard the ammunitions stored in Cobasna. According to multiple sources, over 20 thousand tons of equipment are stored there.

At the same time, Russia has at its disposal six MI helicopters, two of which are MI-24K and four MI8 that are ready to take off at any time, along with 35 TAB Armored personnel carriers.

The soldiers of this group lack the status of peace maintaining, regardless of the assurance given by some Moscow’s officials. In the Transnistrian region, separately, a peace maintaining troop with over 400 soldiers exists. According to multiple Mass Medias, the army from Tiraspol has nearly 5 thousand soldiers, equipped with 18 tanks and nearly 70 armored personnel carriers.

The press also mentions that the separatist’s military also have 130 anti-tank missiles. Regarding the military air force, the army from the unknown region has eight helicopters, 6 of which are MI8T and 2 MI2, as well as five planes, two of which are IAC18, two AN2 and one ANTONOV26.

In the Transnistrian region, there are also military action performed under the jurisdiction of the so-called Internal Affairs and KGB left after the Soviet Union.  Thus, only those two organizations themself have around 5000 people ready to fight at their disposal.

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