Over 100 questions, inquiries addressed to state institutions in 2017

State institutions received 103 questions and 7 inquiries from the deputies during 2017. Most questions were addressed to the Government / State Chancellery, other 8 were directed to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova.

15 questions/ inquiries concerned the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, 9 were addressed to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, and 7 - the Ministry of Finance.

6 questions were directed to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, 5 were addressed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the General Prosecutor's Office.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and the Environment received 4 questions, the Police Inspectorate - 3, and 2 questions were addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and the Audiovisual Coordination Council.

PLDM deputies requested 42 questions/inquiries.

The PCRM addressed 41 questions.

Most questions were asked by Elena Bodnarenco (PCRM) and Iurie Ţap (PLDM) with 29 requests.

Four questions from the deputies did not receive a response from the state institutions.


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