Over 1 000 Moldovans chose to work abroad last year

Over a thousand citizens of Moldova have left to work abroad in 2017, through employment agencies. Data, of the National Employment Agency, shows that most of those who chose to work abroad were women.

Over 700 women sought employment in foreign countries last year, as well as close to 300 men.

According to the data, most of those who left were between 40 and 49 years old. Being followed by young people younger than 29, their number amounting to 30%.

Most popular country people chose was Israel, where last year, 600 citizens of Moldova found employment. 

Second ranked country is Poland, with over 200 signed contracts, begin followed by Great Britain and United Arab Emirates, each receiving 60 new employees from Moldova.

Among other popular countries counts Qatar, USA, Netherlands, Turkey and Romania.

At the moment, there are 85 employment agencies in Republic of Moldova offering jobs in foreign countries.


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