Outbreak of swine fever causes pig breeders to bear extra costs

The outbreaks of swine fever causes trouble to the pig breeders. Economic agents are bearing extra costs to protect animals.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that they can not cut the animals now because the demand on the market has decreased during the lent. Under these conditions, the risks are greater.

Daniel Sunday from the Recea village, Râşcani district, annually grows up to 500 pigs and sells the meat on the local market as well as at small slaughterhouses.

"It is a small market, we could go out on the bigger market, unfortunately we do not have lots of meat to export, it is necessary to protect the Moldovan domestic market to promote meat here", said Daniel Sunday, pig breeder.

Due to outbreaks of swine fever, the farmer has to spend extra money to avoid animal disease.

"We always take the appropriate veterinary measures, the farm is isolated, there are no wild animals, stray dog, we have special clothes when we take care of the pigs," said Daniel Duminica, pig breeder.

The president of the Association of Pig Breeders says that another problem in this period is competition from importers. Though domestic producers offer lower price than the importers.

"When the market is a surplus of meat, if someone starts to import, obviously it is a problem, the domestic producers can't stay with unsold meat. All bio-security measures on the farms, more disinfectants are used are extra expenses", said Maxim Cazacu, president of the Pig Breeders Association.

At the beginning of November, an outbreak of pigs was recorded in several villages in Palanca, Ştefan Vodă district. Quarantine was set up in the locality, and sanitary filters were installed at the entrance and exit of the village.

According to the authorities, the infection would have arrived in our country from Ukraine. And recently, laboratory results from Spain confirmed the presence of swine fever virus in wild boars hunted in the districts of Orhei, Cimislia and Cahul.

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