'Our Party' leader Renato Usatii comes with new promises for Balti citizens

The 'Our Party' leader, Renato Usatii, who again is running for mayor position, comes with new promises for Balti citizens. The commitments were announced yesterday in a meeting with the locals, which took place on the central stadium in the city.

The promises made include modern sidewalks, the arrangement of rest areas and the support of the local football team.

'Developing a modern infrastructure in the city. We will focus on the repair of the sidewalks, we will speed up the traffic. If the sidewalks are repaired qualitatively, it will be more pleasant to walk than with public transport', said Renato Usatîi, candidate for the position Mayor of Balti.

According to the data of the Central Election Commission, besides Renato Usatii, 10 candidates were registered for the position of mayor of Balti municipality. Renato Usatîi was elected mayor of Balti in 2015. But he left the country in October 2016 before two arrest warrants were issued on his behalf.

He is charged of attempting to assassinate Russian banker Gherman Gorbuntsov and of illegally introducing Russian money into the country. In 2018 Usatii wrote a request for resignation, and in May, early elections were organized where a candidate from 'Our Party', Nicolai Grigorisin, was the winner. Usatii returned to the country in July and was taken over by the masks right from customs, immediately after entering the country.

Except that until evening, he was released and is now being investigated.
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