Otaci victims unsatisfied after new commitments made in Exceptional Commission meeting

No clear solutions but only promises were what people in Otaci received on Friday when government held the Exceptional Commission meeting. The state proposed compensation of 212,000 lei for two-room apartment and 277,000 lei for three-room apartment. 

However, the victims say this amount of money is still small. 

- I can't buy anything with this money. I worked in a state company in Moldova and retire now. 

- Do you know that the state is not obliged to ensure your accommodation? 

- I know the Constitution that every person has the right to housing. You violate my right. 

After long debates, the Commission decided to raise the proposed amount by 5% while the local authorities suggested the government to take other criteria into consideration. 

"People with disabilities, families with multiple children, these factors should be taken into account", said head of Otaci city. 

People feel outraged at the insufficient reactions of central authorities. 

"They only tell lies. The winter comes but we don't have any places to live, to sleep. We are homeless. We voice our opinion but the people in Parliament refuse to see the truth", said a local. 

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