OSCE: Reintegration and reopening Dniester bridge brings benefits on both ends

The document regarding the special status of Transnistria is currently analysed by a civil society and will soon be presented, in the context of a reintegrated Republic of Moldova.

The announcement was made by Prime Minister Pavel Filip during Monday's meeting with OSCE mission to Moldova and its president, Michael Scanlan.

The foreign officials have listed multiple progresses the Government managed to make regarding solving the conflict with Transnistria.

They have appreciated the Dniester bridge, which ties Gura Bâcului and Bâcioc villages, located on two different banks of the river, reopening at the end of last week.

According to them, this is an important step for stability of not only people, but also economic agents from both ends.

Prime Minister has assured that soon, other issues from the agenda will begin being solved.

The "5+2" format negotiations will take place in Vienna, on 26 - 28 November.

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