Music Festival Gustar Orhei Vechi long awaits culture lovers

The festival Gustar 2017 organized in Orhei Vechi comes back now on August 19 - 20.

Visitors of festival will treat themselves tasty dishes, enjoy ethnic dance as well as international performances.  

In addition to native artists, foreign performers from Greece, Poland, the United States and Romania will also be on stage.

Lou Bega singer who is famous of "Mambo number 5" will be alike give on air his performance. 

Or the hit "Live Beer" by Emergency Hospital Band will not let participants down. 

And the band Zdob si Zdub will bring rock and ethno mix to the Orhei Vechi valley.

In addition to music, visitors will also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious, outdoor prepared meals as well as selected wines. Those who come to Gustar will be able to stay overnight in tents set in the middle of nature.

The price of one day ticket is 100 lei, and for two days - 150 lei.

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