Orhei town infrastructure. Rehabilitation of roads continues

Orhei town rehabilitation of roads continues.

Residents of the Lupoaica sector are pleased that, finally, all the arteries in their neighborhood have been renovated completely.

This hapes after recently the Susleni and cantemir streets have been renovated. 

In total, over 10 kilometers of road was upgraded in the sector.

The district administration claims that the Orhei town successes is a good example for other municipalities.

"Orhei town Hall became for us like a locomotive. Congratulations on this special occasion. And I say one thing: sustainability, or how to maintain this infrastructure depends on all of us together. The future of this road depends on how you gonna keep this road" , said chairman of the Orhei district, Tudor Golub.

This year, nearly 20 kilometers of road, which is 20-per-cent of the total have been repaired in Orhei town.

At the initiative of Mayor Ilan Sor, it was modernized and roundabout out of town. It has an area of 1,200 square meters were embellished with decorative stones and bushes.

Deputy Mayor Orhei, Reghina Apostolova says the traffic will be fluid because of this roundabout.

"We are pleased that this roundabout was decorated in a unique way. It is the largest round of Orhei. It has an area of 1,200 square meters and pavement, which will be ready soon, 155 meters long" , said Orhei deputy press, Reghina Apostolova.

Representatives of the construction company assurances that the asphalt will last long enough because they have been well conducted.

"I used unusual materials and stones of different colors. For decoration we use features coniferous shrubs" , said director of construction company, Boris Condraţchi.

This week about 15 completely renovated streets were put into operation in Orhei town.

The works were carried out at the initiative of Orhei mayor, Ilan Sor.

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