Opinions on ACUM and PSRM's negotiation failure

ACUM and PSRM's negotiation failure is due to the lack of experience and political maturity and also to their real wish to create a governmental majority. This opinion is shared by the last night's Fabrika talk-show guests.

"Neither ACUM or PSRM did something to create a real coalition. They wanted repeated voting for a chance to win", mentioned Doctor of Law, Alexandru Cuznetov.

"This alliance is impossible because of the lack of experience and political maturity of one of them and is afraid of it's own voters. Their manner of work is unstable and uncertai", explained the journalist Constantin Olteanu.

The experts discussed about the Andrei Nastase's massive party leaving. They support the idea that their leader must honestly talk about the real reasons what made them leave PPDA. 

"We live in a democrat country what means we must know the real face of the truth. These sneaking about just make more questions. What do you hide from your voters?", underlined Alexandru Cuznetov.

"I'm interested in their opinion. Is it about ACUM's stand-off from the negotiations or their incapacity to negotiate. It would be great to find out if they left or the leader dismissed them", pointed out Oltenau.
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