Opinions: Filip left a great heritage behind. How much money does state budget have

The democrats left good projects behind them. They left higher salaries, pensions, subventions and a high amount of money in the state budget. The new Government is not right when saying that there is a hole in the budget. These opinions belongs to the yesterday guests of Fabrika talk show.

"We have almost three billion lei in the treasury accounts. It is the first time in the history of the country to have such a high budget", said Roman Chirca, director of Market Economy Institute.

"It is a big mistake of the Government that we have now to explain the failures of the previous power", said Anatol Taranu, politics analyst.

"First of all, the power that we have now doesn't have any programs. They only want to remove the oligarchs and the bribery from the system", said Roman Chirca.

At the same time, the guests of the talk show declared that Russia stays behind PSRM-ACUM alliance, which will damage the European path of the country.

"The Government will not be able to make the Parliament sign for certain documents if Russia doesn't agree with them. In this context, we face such a situation where Russia will lead our country", said Roman Chirca.

"It might be a catastrophe if Russia will interfere in our internal affairs. I advise you not to avoid DPM in the Parliament. You might need their help", declared Anatol Taranu.


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