Opinions: ACUM's fate is uncertain. Dodon damaged his image in Moscow

The fate of ACUM-PSRM alliance is not certain. Igor Dodon president discredited his image in Russia, after the negotiations with DPM and especially when he said Russia pays him for the federalization of Moldova. These opinions belongs to the yesterday guests of "In the spotlight" talk show on Publika TV.

The guests of the talk show talked about the recordings of Igor Dodon recognizing that Russia was paying him 600 thousand USD monthly. These declarations were made within his meeting with Vlad Plahotniuc. Moreover, Igor Dodon blackmailed the leader of the democrats, whom promised that Russia will cancel his criminal files if he accepts the federalization plan.

"The socialists failed within the negotiations with DPM. I think that Dodon invoked some things that he didn't want to appear in the spotlight of Russia", declared Vitalii Andrievschi, politics expert.

At the same time, the experts consider that PSRM - ACUM alliance will be destroyed soon, because of the different visions.

"Some events might happen soon. In my opinion, there will be big missunderstandings between them", said Valentin Krilov, politics expert.

Maia Sandu Government was declared legal by the Constitutional Court that annulled some previous decisions, among which, the dissolvation of the Parliament.


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