OPEN LETTER: PUBLIKA condemns attacks and pressures of opposition parties

Publika TV strongly condemns the attacks and pressures of several leaders of the opposition parties in the Republic of Moldova directed lately against our television station.

The latest attacks were triggered at the latest protest actions organized by three opposition parties - PAS, PPDA and PLDM over the court's decision to invalidate the ballot for the mayor of Chisinau.

Representatives of these parities have launched false information in the public, suggesting that Publika TV and the PUBLIKA.MD website have presented wrong data on the number of participants in the protest. We have also been accused of broadcasting fake images or images from other protest actions, which is completely untrue, and this can be easily demonstrated.

The drones images our appellants refer to were filmed with their own equipment on the protest day of June 24, 2018, and their authenticity can be proven. Publika TV and PUBLIKA.MD have never deliberately used fake images and will not do it.

Concerned is the fact that some of the media affiliated to the above-mentioned parties have circulated the statements of these politicians who deliberately denigrated the image of our television station without even giving us the right to reply.

For example, in the story "Andrei Năstase urged supporters to demonstrate peacefully in front of the Supreme Court", published on June 25, the PPDA leader attacks Publika TV, accusing us that we reported tendentiously about the events around election validation.

"In the same speech, Năstase criticized Publika TV, because it would tendentiously refer to the events surrounding the validation of the elections," quoted Europa Liberă.

Unfortunately, although this media outlet claims to be an equidistant and often poses a fierce fighter for freedom of expression, did not bother to call us even and give us the right of reply. This is the way a serious institution's working. 

Examples like the one mentioned above are many and are launched in public with alarming frequency.

We ask these attacks to be halted, which we consider unacceptable, and we urge media outlets, media NGOs and embassies accredited in Chisinau to take note of these pressures against us.

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