Only six out of ten drivers pass the test drive

Only six out of ten car owners passed the auto test yesterday. The number of cars that passed the auto test reached 600 thousands of the total of million cars registered in Moldova.

This means that in 2018, the owners of 400 cars didn't pay the road tax and contributed to the improvement of the infrastructure.

The authorities say that the majority of the irresponsible drivers encroached the law on purpose. 

"A part of transport units that didn't pass the auto test don't drive on the national roads because of certain things.  Some of the drivers do great encroaches and do it on purpose", said Sergiu Bucataru, state secretary at the Ministry of Economy.

The previous year, over 16.800 drivers couldn't present the auto test. The thing that they damage the state budget and put in danger the traffic didn't affect them.

"The auto test is monitored by surveillance cameras. As a result, the transport units that pass the auto test are well checked and the information is stored at the National Transport Agency."

The drivers who pay the road tax say that they don't do it because it is compulsory, but because they improve the infrastructure.

"Of course I pay this tax."

"Of course, we pass the test every year and we hope this has a good impact on the roads."

"Do you pay the road fine? Of course. How much does it cost? One thousand lei."

The road tax differ. The price starts from a couple of hundreds and can even reach 10 thousand lei.

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