Online tax payment available on tech gadgets - State Fiscal Service

State Tax Service has introduced online declaration to enable individuals to pay tax right on their phones or computers or any tech gadgets. 

Accordingly, the tax payers mush access the page, log in or register.

Later, users will press the button New Declaration (Declarație nouă) which includes forms for declaration and pre-filled declaration. 

"The form is offered in the interface. It comprises six compartments. Users examine and validate them and save the declaration if accept them", said Alexandr Ghiţman, head of the commercial direction Fiscervinform.

Moreover, the term for the payment of state debts has been extended this year. 

"Natural people are obliged to present the declaration on May 2. Legal persons by 26 March, including 26," said Olga Golban, head of the directorate Taxation Methodology FISC.

Until yesterday, statements on income tax were filed by 5,897 taxpayers, of which 3,624 are natural persons.

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