Online kindergarten enrollment available for parents

Parents will now be able to enroll their children in kindergartens from Chisinau online, through the platform

According to Deputy Mayor of the Capital, Ruslan Codreanu, the public online service to enroll children in kindergartens,, is fully functional and will be further developed.

"By using an online system to enroll children in educational institution we are one step closer to eliminating bureaucracy and corruption" Ruslan Codreanu empathized.

Deputy Mayor of Chisinau urged parents to show understatement, under the conditions that this year will become one of transition, from paper based to computer based registration, as there is a strong chance of multiple errors appearing.

In order to avoid such issues, beneficiaries are requested to check their emails and complete all the necessary data. At the same time, in order to ensure a correct transfer of information from paper to computer, over the past 2 weeks all directors of kindergartens were trained in this subject.

Furthermore, service offers the possibility to transfer children from one kindergarten to another.

After submitting the request, parents will be able to see the number of available spots at the kindergarten they wish to enroll their child in.

At the same time, each institution is obligated to systematically publish the number of free spots the kindergarten has.

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