Online app to guide tourists wine discovery in Moldova

Foreigners who want to discover the wineries in our country will be guided online with the "Moldova Wine Route" mobile application. It can be downloaded free of charge and provides information about the 12 most visited wine cellars in Moldova and ten wines recommended by sommelier .

"I see they have restaurant, guided tours and all information. It's connected with GPS and it shows exactly the route," said Sommeier Association President Mihai Druţă.

The application works only when the phone is connected to the Internet. So far, the information is available in three languages: Romanian, Russian and English. The authors propose to include German, Chinese or Japanese.

"Visitors can comment and then other users seeing the comments can see what the expectations will be," said President of Vinicol Tourism Promotion Center, Veronica Tomescu.

These tourists came from Romania to make a trip to wineries and say that the software will be of great help to them.

"First we want to visit the wineries in the Chisinau area to taste the wines. As long as you have access to the Internet you can use the application."

Although it has recently been launched, the app has managed to gain popularity among tourists in Europe.

"Here is a short description of all the wines and the places we can find them".

"Moldovan wines are different from the French ones. It was an original discovery for us."

The platform is also useful for Moldovans who are eager to travel. This young woman has gone abroad for more than 10 years, and when she came home she wanted to discover as many picturesque places as possible.

"A map of Moldova to guide you where to go, what to do would be very helpful."

The online platform was created by the Tourism Agency with the financial support of Germany. 

In 2018, Moldova will become the World Capital of Wine Tourism. In this context, our country is to be visited by more than 250 experts and tourists from 70 countries.

"The Republic of Moldova was placed on the top five tourist destinations with the fastest growing percentage of tourism in the world, so we expect a large flow of foreigners to visit us," said Tourism Agency Director Stanislav Rusu.

In 2016, 3.4 million tourists arrived in Moldova.

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