One of Sculeni customs inspectors detained for corruption, receives 30 days of home arrest

One of the two Sculeni customs inspectors, detained two days ago in a corruption case, have received 30 days of home arrest. The decision was taken by the Chisinau Court.

In addition, prosecutors demand arrest warrants for the other four persons, suspected in the same file. This is a head of the Customs Service, an inspector from Sculeni Station and two intermediaries.

They are suspected of claiming continuously money to radiate from the information system data about some cars with foreign registration numbers located in Moldova.

They charge every car 400 euros, says CNA. The sixth suspect in the file, another intermediary, has recognized his blame and is being investigated.

Customs officers risk up to 10 years imprisonment, fine and deprivation of the right to hold office for a specified period, and intermediaries - up to 6 years of prison and fines


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