ONE MORE DREAM CAME TRUE. After 14 years of rental apartment a family bought their own apartment

Ome more dream come true thanks to the state program Prima Casa. After living for 14 years, the husbands Vitalie and Alexandra Gheorghita recently bought a two-room apartment in the Botanical District of Bucharest and moved to a new home.

Alexandra is a midwife at the Mother and Child Institute and Vitalie teaches at the Chisinau Police Academy. The two have a nine-year-old girl.

"We plan to buy for a long time, but the conditions were not profitable. Thanks to the First Home Project and because the state guarantees 90 percent of the credit, it was very affordable for us," said Vitalie Gheorghita, a lecturer at the Police Academy.

The two are happy that they did not have to go to work abroad to raise money for the house.

"I am closer to my family, it hurts my soul to leave my baby even with my grandparents", said Alexandra Gheorghita, the midwife.

The dwelling that cost him 39,000 euros is due to be paid within 15 years at a monthly rate of five thousand lei.

"We paid 4,000 lei a month for the rent, the salary of our wife went only on rent, and now we will pay 5000 lei a month, almost the same, but the difference is that we will already have our own home," Vitalie Gheorghiţă, lecturer at the Academy Police.

The happiest is the little Alexandra because she will have her room.

"- I feel happy we have a house of our own.
 "Yes, and now you have your room!"

Minister of Internal Affairs, Alexandru Jizdan, came to visit them and brought them a TV in a gift.

"That's what you're looking at."
- Thanks a lot.
- Put it here. "

"I am happy with them, I also came back to my youth when I got my first home with my family, and I want to tell you that I share the whole happiness with Vitalie and his family," said Alexandru Jizdan, the Minister of the Interior.

From the 379 credits granted since the launch of the program, 318 were provided through Prima Casa. Another 24 beneficiaries have taken their homes through the Prima Casa 2 for the public sector. And 37 loans were granted through Prima Casa 3 for families who have children. The total amount of credits granted through the five banks participating in the program amounts to over 161 million lei and the amount of guarantees offered by the state is over 80 million lei. Among the beneficiaries are 275 families and 104 unmarried young people.

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