One killed, 16 hospitalized after crash between minibus Varniţa - Chişinău and car

(UPDATE) The dead man was 22 year old, resident of Hârbovăţ village. 

The 16 passengers of the Varnita - Chisinau route were hospitalized in the Anenii Noi district.

The alcohol test showed that the drivers of the vehicles involved in the accident were not intoxicated.

(08:40) A person was killed and several were injured after grave accident between minibus on the Varnita-Chisinau line with a car. 

The accident occurred this morning, near the village of Ţânţăreni.

According to the police, the driver of the W-Caddy model car, going out of his way, did not finish the lead and collided with a minibus on Varnița – Chișinău line.

As a consequence, a passenger of the car was killed and passengers of the minibus were injured and hospitalized. 

The police are investigating the accident on the scene. 

On the Chişinău - Anenii Noi road, near the village of Ţănăţăreni, accidents occur frequently, especially because of the excessive speed of the drivers.

Only five kilometers from today's tragic accident, near Todireşti village, 5 people were killed including a child after an accident in January. 

The accident was caused by a speeding driver at 100km/h. 


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