One gymnasium and 22 kindergartens remain closed

A gymnasium and 22 kindergartens in the country are still closed.

According to Ministry of Education, the Gymnasium Stoianovca from Cantemir district, where are studying 74 children, is closed temporarily because of some damage at the heating system.

Also because of problems of the heating systems remain closed a kindergarten from Causeni district, one in Briceni district, and one in Nisporeni district. And in three districts because of the bad weather were closed 19 preschool institutions: Leova - 9 kindergartens, Ocnita - 7 kindergartens, Cahul - 3 kindergartens/

There are no problems announced on transporting students in the district schools.

In 28 districts, including Chisinau and Balti municipalities, all general education institutions are working in normal regime.


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