On May, 20, Pîrliţa citizens will go to polls

Chisinau, CEC - Within today's session of Central Election Commission there were established new mayor elections on May, 20, 2018, in Pirlita Village, Ungheni District. We remind that previously, for May, 20, 2018, CEC planned the local elections in Leuseni and Nemteni villages, Hincesti district, Volovita village, Soroca district and Jora de Mijloc village, Orhei district.

The CEC also initiated the procedure for the validation of a deputy mandate in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, attributed to the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova. In this context, CEC proposed the Constitutional Court to validate the deputy mandate within the Parliament of Republic of Moldova for Ceaus Sergius, on PDM lists.

In today's public session of CEC, there were adopted many decisions of giving deputy mandate for many district, village and city councils.


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