On full alert! Cluj police believed racketeers from Moldova attacked a minibus

The police in three counties, Cluj, Salaj and Bistrita were on full alert after emergency 112 was announced that a grenade was thrown into a minibus registered in the Republic of Moldova along with gunfire. 

The incident took place on a national road through Gâlgău, Salaj County. A young man took a gun and fired several times to the minibus.

Prosecutors and police officers firstly believed that they had to deal with a mafia-style group from Moldova who would have attacked that minibus, which lots of people boarded, writes evz.ro.

Only after the vehicle was stopped and passengers arrested, was the truth revealed. According to officers from Sălaj, at a given moment on DN 1C road, the traffic was chaos, after passengers of the car, registered in Bistrița, threw toward the minibus petards and shot from a gas gun.

In the car there is the 49-year-old driver, a 23-year-old who fired with a gun and a 47-year-old woman from Dâmbovița.
The three passengers were indicted for committing the smuggling crime because they introduced a gas pistol and 50 bullets in Romania and the non-observance of the weapons and ammunition regime.
In addition, the young man who started gunfire was indicted for the use of the weapon. The three are under judicial scrutiny for a period of 60 days.


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