Oleg Brega rejected ACUM alliance. What constituency did he chose and why

Oleg Brega civic activist announced that the ACUM bloc has candidates for the Diaspora and he does not enter the plans of the PAS and PPDA alliance. Thus, Brega has decided to run for one of the Diaspora constituencies.

In this regard, Oleg Brega has created a poll on his Facebook page asking his supporters where they recommend him to run. Variants include 50 in Western Europe and 51 in North America.

At the time of writing this article, 71% of the survey participants voted Oleg Brega to run for the 50th district, and 29% opted for 51, telegraph.md

The civic activist argued his decision to run independently in light of the fact that he was ignored by the ACUM alliance, Brega joked that "I did not even propose a circumcision in Gagauzia", alluding to the situation of the Liberal Party.

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