Old traditions kept in Măgdăceşti. People gathered around a campfire in village's heart to celebrate Christmas

People from Măgdăceşti, Criuleni district, have decided to celebrate the first day of Christmas with their families, while the second with the whole community. They have gathered last evening in the heart of the village, where a campfire was kindled, carols were sung and mulled wine drunk.

People claim that this even is an old tradition of their settlement:

"For years, this is how this holiday is celebrated here. It is nice, beautiful, an old tradition people are happy to respect each year."

"For many years, here, on the second day of Christmas people gather to celebrate together. We sing carols and drink mulled wine."

"We celebrate together this day."

People have gathered around the fire to warm up and talk. Not even Santa Claus missed the event and gave gifts to children.

While local hunters made sure to keep people warm with mulled wine.

The local Mayor confirms and wishes for traditions to be kept and passed on this way.

"This even is very important for our villagers. We keep old traditions to celebrate Christmas in the heart of the village with everyone" Mayor of Măgdăceşti, Liuba Cojocaru declared.

Traditionally, Christmas is celebrated for two days in a row.

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