Offers at admission: 50% tuition fee cutting

Competition between universities one month before admission has started. 

Most institutions promote their facilities on the Internet. Those who want to reach TUM (Technical University of Moldova) can learn more information directly on the internet by discussing with current students.

"90% are the questions on Facebook, not the university's e-mail address. It's more convenient for conversations," said Secretary of the Admissions Commission, TUM, Radu Melnic.

The leadership of the Academy of Economic Studies, for example, announced that it will for the first time offer a reduction in the study fee for Olympics awards.

"All second and third degree holders at all Republican Olympics will have 50% reduction of fee, so we want to motivate those who are in pre-university education to tend to become better ", ASEM rector Grigore Belostecinic said.

For master students, the institution has prepared four new study programs. It is about Finance and IT, Accounting and Information Processes, Digital Management and Security of Information Systems. And at ULIM, young people can benefit from a 10% discount on the study fee, after completing a form on the university website.

"It is very easy, it is necessary to have name, surname, contact phone and an email to be contacted later by us," ULIM, Ludmila Zmuncilă,

Future students were interested in the offerings of the educational institutions.

"It's pretty good that they have a certain reduction."

"I think more people will agree to go to university if the tuition fee is lower because salaries of somebody do not afford their studies". 

The Academy of Theology has come up with news for young people. From this year, future priests, church singers and choral conductors will be trained here. Studies last for two years.

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