OFF ROAD and TRIAL National Championship. Mud and adrenaline

The best Moldovan racing drivers and sportsmen from abroad competed on a road full of obstacles in Hânceşti district. 25 SUVs had to cover one kilometer the clock ticking. Because of the lately rains, the competition was fierce, as some pilots even got stuck in the mud.

"It has rained the whole week, the road is super, because our boys like the mud, the adrenaline," said manager of sports club Jeep Trial Cross 4x4 Moldova Galina Burlea.

"It’s harder when it’s dry. Lots of dust. It’s  a craze now. No fear if you’ve got experience," said pilot Ghenadi Bacalâm.

Yet, some pilots found it difficult to cover all the distance, as one of them hit a tree: “I deviated a bit off the road. It would have been nice if there were more ribbons to see the road, otherwise you lose your orientation.”

However, the pilots say the unpleasant incidents are compensated by the adrenaline they’re getting.

The second edition of the OFF ROAD and TRIAL National Championship was organized by the local administration of Hânceşti district. The winners got diplomas and trophies.

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