Octavian Țîcu contradicts Andrei Năstase: ACUM wants mixed electoral system canceled and early elections organized

Bloc ACUM wants the mixed voting system to be canceled and early elections to be organized. It has been announced by new deputy of PAS-PPDA, Octavian Țîcu.

This contradicts Andrei Nastase, one of the heads of electoral bloc who stated that the early election is not a priority, 

Within an interview for Radio Free Europe, deputy Octavian Ţîcu said that cancellation of the mixed voting system and organization if the post-strategy of bloc ACUM.

Shortly after this statement, PAS-DA deputy Igor Munteanu affirmed that PAS and PPDA will try to preserve the unity of the electoral bloc.

Moreover, Munteanu accused the press of manipulation to broadcast the information that the electoral bloc will be divided in the new legislature.


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