Octavian Ţîcu condemns PSRM-ACUM agreement 'political error'

The joint agreement between ACUM and Socialist Party is a political mistake, Octavian Ţîcu comments in a press conference. 

"I was the one who refused to sign this agreement. I wanted alliance ACUM to be a single entity with a single fraction. A block where all members can find themselves totally. Because we didn't have a party affiliation. 

Unfortunately, the rivalries within alliance ACUM that spilled over the lack of cohesion and politicization of this change in the triangle system PSRM-ACUM-PPDA, greatly compromised the values of alliance ACUM. The decision I made today is related with the latest agreement between ACUM and PSRM which I deem a political mistake. It legitimizes PSRM and compromises the values alliance ACUM committed in the electoral campaign. 

I believe that the temporary agreement signed on June 8 with PSRM was unfulfilled totally. I regret that the three components - PSRM, PAS, PPDA, proceeded a cheap circus, signing this agreement after the arrest of Marina Tauber and Reghina Apostolova. It was aimed to buy the voters and prove that this alliance would work. Unfortunately, that's not what I observed. 

Therefore, I announce to quit the PPDA party and remain an independent deputy of alliance ACUM. 

I hope that other colleagues will finally understand that alliance ACUM needs an urgent revitalization, cohesion and organization on the eve of disaster awaited in the local elections", declared Octavian Ţâcu. 

Within the same conference, he also announced to quit alliance ACUM and will run for Chisinau Mayor.  



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