Octavian Tacu's teacher: We don't respect him for what does he do

The teachers from Grimăncăuţi, Briceni, who have taught Octavian Ticu to box, are disappointed with the threats he put on facebook. Petru Caduc told Publika TV that he had learned to be fair and modest, but now he is ashamed of the claims made by his disciple, who behaves like a shady from the 90's.

The coach refers to Octavian Ticu's promise to break the head of anyone who intends to criticize the opposition. The PAS-PPDA candidate's homework message is in a so-called voter guide posted on Facebook.

"We do not have to put up such statements because that, that is, he has made a kind of" politeness "like in the 1990s, then they were" stamped "with these. He had a very big mistake, killed for him and our team, all the boys do not respect for what he did",said Petru Caduc, a coach.

Petru Caduc recommended Octavian Ticu to be sensible if he wants to be a politician.

"If it's about promoting politics, you have to be a modest man, a man of culture, a human being", he said, "It's not such a huge, caratist that he can break a man's head."

The former leader of the Liberal Party, Mihai Ghimpu, who promoted Ticu as Minister of Youth and Sports, warned that he would not incorporate his boxing fists because he had no chance to get back to the Government.

Ghimpu wrote on a social media page that he must thank the Liberals day and night for giving him what he does not deserve, just for three months.

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