Octavian Calmac: "We care a lot about the improvement of relations with Russian partners"

We are caring a lot about the relations improvement with the traditional partners, especially with those from Russia. The declaration was done by the Minister of Economy, Octavian Calmac, after the meeting with the deputy prime minister Dmitrii Rogozin.

"With Dmitrii Rogozin we have discussed the problem of the customs fees, with the hope to solve the existent gaps. We also discussed the transport service, the possibility of expansion. The situation in the energetic sector was also discussed. The most important is to define the project which will have all key elements of cooperation in the economic field" said the minister of Economy.

The Russian deputy prime minister Dimitrii Rogozin has specified that the Russian delegation in Chisinau is a solid one: "Unfortunately, our delegation did not come to Moldova in the last two years, many things have changed. We have what to discuss. In regard to the Moldovan-Russian bilateral relations, I think it is important to find solutions" has specified Rogozin.

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